Thursday, May 17, 2012

Words 49-51 Plus Midterm

49. Dexterity I like to picture a surgeon for this power word, but it can be anyone who is nimble and skilled with their fingers and hands. 50. Ambivalent Do you know someone who has problems making decisions? They are indecisive and I might picture them as shrugging their shoulders representing their doubt. 51. Enhance What makes something better? Steak sauce on a god cut of meat? Mustard on a hot dog? A good point guard on a team of power forwards? What is your picture? Mid term Examination 1.____dexterity a. gratuity or gratuitous 2.____satiate b. contributor to Alzheimer’s 3_____epicurean c. white or red 4_____entrepreneurial d. not licensed for lasik 5_____misogynist e. proper shoes 6______tenacious f. Tarde as emailer 7.______precipitous g. Steve Nash 8.______sedentary h. weight loss 9.______optometrist i. leading to men bashing 10.______obsequious J. not taught grades 1-12

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