Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Words 46-48

46. Fiduciary A person or office of trust. I think of deep carpeting and richly appointed offices. What movie is playing in your head? By having conversations with your brain about business matters, business will matter. 47. Epicurean My students know I live well an dining well is a big part of living well. If you dine well, you are an epicurean. The best revenge is living well. 30 years ago I came to San Diego because I have followed one passion in my life. If I am 100% loyal to it. So I took my family, my wife, who I had met when she was 19, our baby boy who was now 5 and myself and we packed up our things and moved to San Diego. We did not know a single soul. You want to talk with me about risk and fortune? You just learned all you need to know. 48. Satiate As my family settled in Southwest Dade, Florida, clients started to be attracted to my personal vocabulary course. In time, I settled on a formula for 100 words. The first 100 words came from me and they were based on words I believed belonged in a power vocabulary. In time, I dropped words and introduced entrepreneurial to motivate others to follow their life purpose. Satiate came from me teaching those who had a tendency to overeat, to emphasize what they did eat and focus on flavor and being filled. It led to less eating and the phone kept ringing…following me all the way to my new home in San Diego.

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