Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Words 43-45

43. Euphoric The human condition is at its happiest when there is laughter and joy. Euphoria represents that joy. Can you picture someone engulfed in laughter? 44. Entrepreneurial With this word, my teaching unleashed my own personal power of attraction, years before anyone ever heard of Rhonda Byrne and her Secret. In 1982, I wrote the underground best seller Fire Your Boss and Hire Yourself which has been read by over a million and gave me the resources I needed to follow my passion to the place I knew I belonged, San Diego, California. In the past 30 years, one million students have studied with me and my unique style in teaching entrepreneurial theory. You know by now that I believe unless you do what you love, you risk the chance that you will be financially secure, yet woefully miserable. In my lectures or my online course which finds you here today, I give what I believe is my best piece of wisdom. Do what you love and then find a way to get paid for it. I have always been fascinated about living life on my own terms. I have only had three real jobs in my lifetime. Camp counselor, teacher and CPA. It was only CPA which I came to hate with a passion. Like my other accountants, I showed up before 8AM, ready to work a full day in purgatory. My supervisor (there was always some supervisor) asked me how long I was willing to work that day. It was still dark outside and he wanted me to imagine still being there when it became dark again later that day. I couldn’t do it. It was too painful. So I quit and went back to teaching and discovering my passion and purpose in life. And that is why studying with me has the power to change yours. 45. Fiscal Your extraordinary vocabulary must be eclectic to work. Words like fiscal (think business calendar) are part of the business climate and your familiarization with this term only enhance your communication skills. Our school system has done such a miserable job in preparing its students for life that not only are most young people unaware of key terms such as visualization and entrepreneur, but they are words that they butcher in conversation. They are unfamiliar territory. Make them familiar and change your life.

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