Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Words 64-66

64. Xenophobe 2001 rocked our world and triggered for many years hate crimes which indicated how parochial many Americans can be. America was built on embracing different people and various ideas. There is no single definition of who is an American and that is a symbol of our strength. Yet, some still use lack of intelligence, their limited insight to slight others and we have words for them. I like to tell my students. “We are in the communication business.” Steve’s Note: Adding effective personal words to your 100 and eliminating words which make you weaker have a cumulative effect. It unleashes the power of attraction. 65. Loquacious Know someone who seems to begin talking and never stops? Now, create a picture for this person You have described a person who likes t talk, but more than that, likes to hear them talk. That is a strength, if they are a compelling raconteur, but a major flaw if they are simply verbose. 66. Laissez-Faire This is the only expression included in our power 100. Foreign phrases can be powerful supplements to an extraordinary vocabulary and this one is popular because it has to do with government butting into personal rights. Build your personal list and images.

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