Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Words 25-27

25. Diligent If a job is well done, it is done well and you can ascribe diligent to the care used. Maybe you will think of a bathroom with a shine to its counters. The images are unlimited, but the choice is yours. 26. Fortuitous Have you been lucky at times in your life? What do you equate with luck? A shamrock? A 4 leaf clover? Can you visualize luck? Are we talking about the law of attraction? Read The Secret (Byrne) Many of my students asked me why I didn’t write something like The Secret since I have been teaching it for 40 years. Hey, give Byrne credit. She saw a marketing opportunity and she nailed it! Good book too! 27. Impetuous Remember, when we were learning the power word spontaneous earlier? Well, impetuous fits that image as well. So you can say that impetuous is the opposite of assiduous. And you are building an extraordinary vocabulary, one word at a time

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