Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Words 22-24

Part 2. Do you know that your vocabulary can not only help you get into a great school, but also teach you the skills needed to become a dynamic public speaker and a leader in groups who fight drugs, DUI, gangs, bullying, and all the hot issues of the day. As you bow can see, studying vocabulary with us simply opened the door to you changing your life forever. ************************************************************ 22. Spontaneity Describe the scene as you visualize it. 23. Surreptitious An extraordinary vocabulary has words unique to you. Surreptitious is one of those words. A rendezvous, a clandestine meeting, an arcane happenstance, all three words fit the conditions and now it is incumbent on your imagination to produce such a word. Note from Steve: By now, you may realize that my groundbreaking work in the field of vocabulary is much greater than vocabulary. I once met Natalie Holloway’s mom and we talked about her work with young women and my passion teaching visualization. She reminded me that visualization is what she teaches these women as well. She maintains that the reason why Natalie was killed that night was because she failed to visualize how the evening would end. She reminds her audiences: “Have a plan! It will save your life. Natalie knew better than to accept a ride from a stranger. She would have never seen the evening end that way for her. By failing to visualize, her life ended that night.” Now you realize that what I teach is greater than vocabulary. It is life changing! 24. Assiduous I hear this word more lately and that is not unusual for those with a perceptive ear to new vocabulary who embrace my system. I compare this phenomenon to seeing a car on the highway. Many people will tell you that after having test driven a car or taken a specific interest in an automobile as it suddenly becomes ubiquitous.

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