Saturday, May 05, 2012

Commitment and Layers

You need more positive words in your life. One of those words is commitment. Another is layers. Let me show you how they work together. Deciding to study vocabulary with me is a lifelong commitment to the study of vocabulary and visualization. I have been teaching my methods for 40 years and each day I get better. Each day my entrepreneurial ideas are more lucid, more visionary. Make the commitment to study with me and you will see this dynamic begin to make steady changes in your life. As your visualization skills improve with daily use, the layers of all that work you have been doing will reveal itself in some of the greatest riches in life attracted to you on a regular basis. So unless you are ready to make this pledge to yourself, to me, to the world, I would suggest not making it at all. This is no study for schemers and scammers. Maybe you will never be ready at all. That’s OK. I have taught one million students. Many fall through the cracks. I want the very best. Is that you

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