Saturday, May 05, 2012

Today's Los Angeles Times

In today’s Sports Section of The LA Times, writer Bill Dwyre is in Las Vegas for tonight’s Mayweather-Cotto bout. Dwyre references Tim Dahlberg (AP) who suffers no fools and sees write through the phony Mayweather. The Mayweather entourage is “a band of sycophants.” I mention this column because I have read more newspapers this morning than you will probably read in a month. That is why students worldwide pay me to build their word base. Have you already figured out what the added surprise word of the days is? SYCOPHANT And now you have my picture. A group of leeches, similar to an entourage, but a coarser description, who are there to tell their benefactor how wonderful they are whenever called to do so. Are you ready to sign up for my July vocabulary online course? It will be the best yet with 100 new words!

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