Wednesday, May 05, 2010

LIve Like You Are On Fire!

When you become a Visualizer, you will have access to weekly cutting edge webinars.

We know that our VISUALIZER WEBINARS (VW's if you will) will make the difference in helping teens acquire the academic skills necessary (vocabulary, writing, thinking) to enter college and finally break the chains of poverty in their family.

You will be part of that.

Do you know the song Live Like you Were Dying?

It's Tim McGraw and he sings it about his Dad, Tug McGraw, who was an excellent major league pitcher with the Phillies and Mets.

Tim and Tug were estranged most of Tim's life.

Tug was a professional athlete who didn't take the responsibility of fatherhood all that seriously.

Their reconciliation and how greatly they needed each other when Tug was diagnosed with what would be determined as a fatal brain tumor a few years back was the background to Tim's emotional Live Like You Were Dying classic ballad.

....................So now its 5:19 AM PDT, as I write these words.

GIFT TO MY DAD is only days away from being available to the public.

It is a baseball story as well, but I didn't write it to stop at baseball.

It is a story about why we are here on this earth.

Take for instance why I live in San Diego.

My entire life I have been pursuing a dream.

I want to live a life of constant excitement.

Most fans of film and Tom Hanks would rate his movie, Joe Versus the Volcano as one of his poorer acting choices.

It is one of my favorites.

It is about a man on a journey to determine where he fits in life.

Isn't that the journey we are all taking.

Are you living your life like you are on fire?

In the film, Tom is visited by an old man who shares with Joe (Tom) his philosophy of life.

The old man (played by the father of this year's Oscar winner Jeff Bridges) challenges Joe to jump into a volcano.

He tells Joe that most people are sleepwalking through life.

Becoming a Visualizer, we accept the challenge as well.

We attract those who might have been sleepwalkers, but they now live their life as if they are on fire..............

Come walk with me as the sun rises to another beautiful day in San Diego, California.

This is a land where it seems like God is at the weather controls.

If there is anything close to climate controlled weather, San Diego is as close as it comes.

Growing up in New York, I refused to accept the status quo.

I loved New York, but I didn't want to live there.

I wanted something better.

I visualized another way of life.

And I made it happen.

Now, I walk a lake with the sun kissing at my shoulders.

A zephyr of a breeze chills the air to an ideal temperature.

I take a deep, glorious breath.

I have never felt so alive.

Almost three years out of a divorce to the woman I was married for 32 years (see my blogs beginning April 19 of this year), life never tasted as good as it does today.

My group of Visualizers, already in the thousands, is now organizing with a focused purpose.

Make our lives richer in order that we can help others find a purpose in theirs.

So maybe another generation of moviegoers will return to see the now 20 year old flick, Joe Versus the Volcano to see the message I first gleaned.

You can't live life scared.

That's no way to live.

You must live your life as if you were here for a purpose.

At Visualizers, we accept that.

Walk with me.

Walk with us.

Let's take this journey together.

Let's live like we are on fire.

Let's start with today!

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