Friday, May 07, 2010

I write the words that make the girls cry

Good morning from San Diego on a Friday.

We are taking deposits ($100) for our Miami Beach meet and greet the weekend of November 13.

That weekend, Steve will be recognized by his students for over 30 years of visualization teaching.

Steve will perform from his one man GIFT TO MY DAD to a private audience.

A mixer networking event for Visualizers, an opportunity to share with Visualizers from around the world your talent and a Visualizer Skills Workshop.

All under the Miami Beach skies and the warm aqua marine water to die for........

I write the words that make the girls cry.

Go back to my Blog Entry of April 19 and start there.

Women have always shared with me that I hold the power to make their mascara run.

In the entries I referred too, I describe the end of my 32 years marriage and the birth of my daughter after my wife and I met the challenge of the tumor which crippled her and threatened to take her life at the age of 35.

These are stories where my talent to write gives me the power to control emotions.

We all have that power.

Join VISUALIZERS today and help me teach this power to teens nationwide.

On June 2, my VISUALIZER WEBINARS will be broadcast for the first time worldwide.

I have been teaching the power of visualization for 40 years.

My passion is to bring these skills to teens in order that they become better communicators and enter college.

By becoming better writers armed with an extraordinary vocabulary. my students can rise above their circumstances in life and be responsible for finally breaking the chains of poverty which have consumed their family for generations.

By joining Visualizers today, you will be on the front lines with me in changing the future of teens nationwide.

What can be more rewarding then that.

In addition, you will be lifting your skills.

You will be part of Visualizer Webinars which will.

make you a better writer.

expand your vocabulary.

teach to how athletes use the power of mind to become champions.

write blogs that get attention (make the girls and boys cry)

pick up nutrition secrets from our Visualizer family.

attend private events and meet our Visualizers from around the USA (Miami Beach in November)

learn social media skills in order that you network like a champion.

be part of our effort to keep kids away from alcohol and drugs using their newly acquired visualization skills.

52 weeks of webinars for under $2 a webinar,

If you are already a member in the Visualizer movement, thank you.

If you want to join us, call Paula Aaron Rose in Atlanta, Georgia.

Her phone is 404-394-8827

Together, we will make our impact on American education.

One student at a time.

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