Monday, April 12, 2010

The Power to Believe

I was down, but never out.

My power to visualize has taken me through some of the toughest times in my life.

The time when I had to stop being an entrepreneur and start being a worker bee, even though I had left corporate employment three decades earlier.

The time when my long marriage ended and my descent into the hell of despair and loneliness had me crying in the shower, each time the comforting spray of the water touched my aching heart.

The time when I had kidney stones so bad that my wife found me "rolling on my head" to ward off the pain.

The time when I had so little money for food that I could only afford a loaf of bread and sandwich meat and make it last for a week or more.

The time when I had to ask my best friend for money to find my way home.

The time when the potassium levels in my blood were so low that I was force fed intravenous potassium to keep my heart in check.

The time when gout seized my body and I could not walk or lift my arm without yelping in pain.

All of these times, I wanted to feel sorry for myself.

I wanted to curse the darkness for throwing me into this wave of misery.

Yet, I was determined to see it through.

There is no quit in me.

I would rise up again as I had so many times before.


Because I saw myself getting back on my feet, no matter how many times, life kicked me on my butt.

Your ability to think positively, helps you see yourself through the toughest of times.

Someday the sun will be shining brilliantly again in your life and you will hear the music.

And those sounds will sound sweeter than you ever heard them before.

That comes with the power to believe.

If you can't believe in yourself, who will ever believe in you?

Work on what you can control and leave the rest to the powers that are beyond you.

You will meet with a level of success that will bring you all the way back.

Believe it and then make it come true.

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