Saturday, April 10, 2010

Tiger Woods Wins 2010 Masters!

Because he's Tiger.

I have been following and teaching the power of visualization for over four decades.

Tiger is a master athlete at blocking out everything and focusing on the shots he needs to make to win.

When he is coming down the stretch in a major tournament like the Masters, his concentration is lethal.

Few players, even champions like Mikelson can keep up with him.

Most wilt into the turf.

This is what I teach athletes.

You must want the pressure. You must crave the spotlight.

Great athletes love competition, but only champions shine under pressure.

Everyone had an opinion about Tiger's performance at the Masters.

Most gave him little chance of winning.

They listed the fact that he was away from the game too long, would be harassed by media and photographers, unable to get any rest, etc.

But you see, that's exactly why Tiger will be wearing the green jacket on Sunday.

He sees himself wearing the green jacket.

Others hope to wear the green jacket.

Tiger plays as if he knows that preparations are being made at this moment to engrave his name on the Master's trophy.

So, late Sunday afternoon, when Tiger is announced as the 2010 Masters Champion, don't be surprised that you first read it here.

Simply, focus on this.

What changes would you make in your own life if someone could teach you to think and attract success like Tiger Woods.

Then find that master teacher and ask them to teach you.

You will never see life in the same way ever again,

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