Friday, April 30, 2010

A Cuban Clown

Mark Cuban is a billionaire.

Mark Cuban is ubiquitous.

Catch Mark bashing Trump.

Watch Mark on Monday Night Raw.

Billionaires are like kids in high school.

Physically they mature, but their egos remain childlike.

Cuban is the perpetual child.

He gestures, He pouts. he shouts. He cries.

In the end, his team, the Dallas Mavericks are losers.

I guess that is why I reached out to him last year with an offer.

Would he like me to teach the Mavs the power of visualization?

For a moment, he seemed interested.

We exchanged some instant messages.

His team went out and played its first round NBA playoff series.

The Mavs won.

And Mark Cuban's ego filled the room

He asked me about the Mavs chances to win it all.

I thought he wanted me to be honest with him.

I thought wrong..............

I had to share with Mark that I thought his players were not as strong mentally as they needed to be.

I predicted that the Mavs would lose in the next round.

What are you saying shouted back the billionaire.

I thought I had made myself clear enough.

Are you saying that I am mentally weak?


Did I just insult a billionaire?

Could a billionaire press a button in America and make you vanish without a trace?

Who would notice?

I tried to explain to Cuban that I was referring to the power of visualization and how that could turn his Mavs team into a championship squad.

It is the same power that I had taught to several championship teams during my life's work in bringing the secrets of mental imagery to athletes and students.

But Cuban would have none of it.

He had already slammed down his laptop.

I thought about that for a moment.

Cuban probably had more laptops than most people had money in the bank.

That's when I saw the message on my screen.

Mark calls you an idiot.

That sealed it.

To hell with this loser.

His team sucks anyway.

I will allow his team to continue to lose.

I wanted the Lakers to win it all anyway.

And they did!...................

Why doesn't Cuban get it?

It has been reported that he spent 30 million added dollars at the trading deadline in order to position his Mavs to have the size necessary to upset the longer, taller, defending champion lakers.

The Mavs finished with the second best record in the Division.

This meant that they earned the right to play the team with the second poorest record for playoff qualification.

That would be the San Antonio Spurs.

Immediately, I sensed a problem.

The Spurs might be the seventh seed, but they were a three time champion.

The Mavs have never won a damn thing.

I will have to live with the fact that Cuban called me an idiot.

I look at it as a compliment.

After all, when was the last time a billionaire called you an idiot?

At least, he noticed that I was alive.

AS always, I had the last laugh.

As Cuban looked on incredulously, his millionaires walked off the court, their season in ruins.

Cuban doesn't seem to realize that teams like San Antonio and the Lakers and their visionary coaches, Popovich and Jackson, use visualization as a tool and communicate its power to their players.

Cuban lavishes money on his players, but he doesn't have a clue what it takes to win it all.

Cuban sees the big picture in business, but suffers myopia big time in the NBA.

To borrow a line from Erin Brocovich, I suggest Cuban return full time to the business world and give up chasing an NBA championship.

Get out of the NBA, Mark.

You suck at it.

But what do I know?

I am only an idiot.

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Great Steve...Paula, Atlanta Ga.