Thursday, April 29, 2010

If you Really, Positively Want to Work for Yourself!

How do you know if working for others is ruining your life?

When the weekend begins to count down, you begin to let down.

Students and readers have shared with me that they exhibit signs of depression.

Some begin to cry openly confusing their friends and loved ones.

Those who realize the source of their unhappiness and communicate this realization are often met with skepticism.

I thought there was really something wrong with you. They say.

Well, guess what.

There is.

The French economist, Jean-Baptiste Say first began using the word "entrepreneur" around 1800.

It has become known as someone who offers a business to the world and assumes all of the risks of that enterprise.

In my lectures and my one-one work with students, I ask them if they truly show the signs of wanting to be an entrepreneur.

In addition to depression when returning to conventional work, my students have shared these facts with me.

One student writes that it was the actor and political commentator, Ben Stein who first inspired him about the life changing possibilities of entrepreneurism decades earlier.

Stein had come to California after a job in the Nixon White House.

You might recall Stein's classic rendition of the teacher monotonously calling the roll in the cult movie Ferris Bueller's Day off starring a very young Matthew Broderick (Bueller, Bueller, Bueller).

Stein wrote in his book DREEMZ, that coming to California and writing for television was both scary and exciting.

When he finished writing a script, there was nothing like lying on his bed and watching TV.

His sense of personal worth and accomplishment was far greater than the small satisfaction he received when working for someone else.

An entrepreneur at heart always knew this.

Over time, such a feeling becomes so strong that two things happen.

Work for someone else becomes an unbearable crusade, while the dream of your own enterprise becomes all one can think of.

Often the perceived success or failure of such an individual will be determined ny the success or failure of whether or not entrepreneurism wins out.

What can an entrepreneur do today to give them every possible chance to succeed?

That's why my students come to me and my staff of experts.

This is some of what we tell them.

Put yourself in the position to succeed.

By all means, take a chance.

But don't be reckless.

That is why in my FIRE YOUR BOSS AND HIRE YOURSELF programs and one-one consulting, I urge new entrepreneurs to speak with my experts before they decide on an enterprise.

I am known as the visualization professor.

I teach others to use mental imagery to picture the business they wish to pursue.

Some are able to capture the image of their destiny first time out.

Others will be at this for years.

Don't ever let anyone determine if you were a success or a failure.

You aren't a failure if you keep pursuing success.

You are only a failure if you quit on your destiny.

I am here to make sure you never give up.

I know that success is often waiting for you at your next stop on our yellow brick road odyssey of life.

If you shut down your journey before you reach that point in the road, that is the saddest thing of all.

Over the course of the next several months, my entrepreneurial experts and I will be advising thousands of students on how to succeed.

Many of my experts have had success in their own business.

They have joined my entrepreneurial team because they know that I am partial to no single business.

I want you to use your Powers of Visualization to make the right choice.

Speak with my experts. Speak to others about their opportunity.

Kick the tires.

Go for a test ride.

My entrepreneurs know that they must treat you right.

If I hear that they don't, they will be banned for life from our special group.

In this way, my FIRE YOUR BOSS AND HIRE YOURSELF team, help each other to succeed.

If you are an entrepreneur with a business opportunity and a passion to help my students, contact me.

I am adding to my expert team.

If you are one of those who know in your heart that you should be working for yourself, contact me as well.

Lets put our heads and visualizations together.

One thing is for certain.


30 years later I am the same man I was then.

I have spent most of my life working for myself not working for others.

In periods of my life when I had to work for others, I detested every moment of my employment.

I found myself rededicating myself to finding a solution to returning to the entrepreneurial lifestyle I so adore.

A time when I was in control of my every waking moment.

In such tines, my energy is at a peak. I sleep less, achieve more and live life as if I was on fire.

Thoreau said that too many people are living lives of quiet desperation.

I know this.

He wasn't speaking of entrepreneurs.

When I am working for myself and making money for me, I am never happier.

When I am working for others and making money for them, I am never more miserable.

If this is you, contact me now.

Stop beating yourself up.

You need a plan.

I have that plan.

I have the team.

I have your solution.

Call me.

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Tony Ruiz is certainly going to hit it big. Listen to the podcast and how he is working for himself and reaping the benefits of a virtual business.