Thursday, August 27, 2009


What will you learn taking the MOVIES course?

A new way to think.

This is the same thinking technique I have taught to teenagers to help them build prodigious vocabulary skills.

When one masters MOVIES, my students write more powerful paragraphs, read faster and speak with greater confidence and authority.

MOVIES is a potent communication tool.

I will teach it to you.

If you become a STUDENT of mind, you will have the opportunity to teach it to others.

In future posts leading up to the course, I will share with you the many applications of MOVIES.

Success at school and vocabulary building is simply one of a myriad of benefits.

Applying my MOVIES technique to business, sports, relationships, driving, weight management, health and problem solving are just some more of the exciting ways that MOVIES can change your life.

You have heard of the expression change your thinking and change your life?

That's a great expression, but how do you change your thinking?

Has anyone ever taught you the process?

I will.

MOVIES begins September 1.

Reserve your seat by emailing me at


Note: Those who register for STUDENT status have the opportunity to work with me personally during and after the course.

Your journey begins with your first email.

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