Wednesday, August 26, 2009

When you Think in MOVIES!

Did you ever have a favorite teacher who made it fun to come to school?

I am that favorite teacher for thousands who have studied MOVIES with me.

Beginning September 1, I am teaching MOVIES online and this is how simple it is for you to be part of the event.

You can read my blog beginning September 1 and continuing for 7 days.

I will write about MOVIES every day as if I was teaching a course in my classroom and you were seated in class.

There will be questions, answers, assignments, everything but lunch and recess.

You will have to provide that on your own.

Taking advantage of my MOVIES course FREE is my GIFT to you.

This is how you can enhance the experience.

To have a personal connection with me, you need to take action ASAP.

A limited number of students will have the opportunity to ask personal questions by email.

This is when you officially become my student of the MOVIES.

There are other benefits to student status.

In the near future, a conference call or webinar will take place and you will have the opportunity to be part of that event.

My student body wants to hear about what you do that might benefit them.

There are plans to offer a myriad of classes to our students and you might be offered an invitation to join our faculty.

We plan to develop a university of thinkers who can help and influence others.

That is what my teaching and MOVIES is all about.

I have made achieving STUDENT status most simple.

Register for STUDENT status by emailing me today at

I will send you a return email to secure your place.

We have a limited number of STUDENT openings.

We have some fabulous students joining our MOVIES network.

I plan to write about them in future classes.

Many of them will be encouraged to go on and join our MOVIES faculty and teach as well.

Some might teach the MOVIES technique I am about to share.

Others will teach their passion.

We are a university of ideas.

And we are looking to enroll the best minds available to the benefit of all.

I invite you to register today for student status.

It will provide you with the opportunity to have personal communication with me about MOVIES and how it changes lives.

It will also open the door for you to join me while we teach an ever expanding network.

I look forward to the journey.

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