Tuesday, June 07, 2016

The Grilled Cheese King of San Diego

Baby Boomers will never forget Abe Froman!

Name ring a bell?

Of course! The iconic 80's movie FERRIS BUELLER made Abe a household name!

The Sausage King of Chicago!

And we have a new king recently crowned here in San Diego.

And the king's name is Gaston!

Haven't heard of the man?

You will!

The new Grilled Cheese King of San Diego.

In some ways Gaston reminded me of Trong (see my May 2 profile last month)

Gaston was confident, good looking, young still in his early 30's and had no doubt of his future success.

He even had a slogan.

Changing the world one grilled cheese sandwich at a time.

Like Trong, Gaston was a renaissance man, a master chef and a business entrepreneur.

Gaston made a study of San Diego before he launched the beginning of his grilled cheese empire.

What could he bring to the table which would both excite and attract the fickle dining community which on any given day has a flood of choices?

In introducing a perfect grilled cheese sandwich, Gaston and his wife and marketing guru Natalie, were scratching a nostalgic itch in San Diego Baby Boomers (born 1948-1964) and others who grew up on grilled cheese sandwiches and now were thrilled beyond belief that an eatery had been created for just them in mind,

Baby Boomers have a fascination for nostalgia.

From Maravich to Mantle to peanut butter and jelly, you mention the perfect grilled cheese sandwich and a Baby Boomer's eyes glisten with tears of joy and days gone by.

Gaston has brought those days back.

Just look at the website of Grater Grilled Cheese in San Diego and La Jolla.

The day I visited was at the Mission Valley location.

Lobster grilled cheese--

Had I died and gone to grilled cheese heaven?

Yet there it was mouth watering print.

I was not only nostalgic. I was ecstatic!

I looked across to Gaston and said I get it.

Changing the world one grilled cheese sandwich at a time.

A great slogan but what was his real goal?

Our eyes met and I could feel their intensity.

"I want to become the In and Out Burger of grilled cheese and rule the state."

I had only known Gaston for less than an hour but I knew all I needed to know.

If anyone could make this dream happen, it would be King Gaston.

The King of San Diego Grilled Cheese.

I visited Grater Grilled Cheese on June 3. Gina was the charming hostess and Dante the Director of Operations.

Follow them as I do at their website, on Facebook and Twitter.

And catch my comedy on Fox TV at youtube.com/stevetarde

I will be performing for 1,000 servingseniors.org to open All Star Baseball week in San Diego on July 11

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