Thursday, June 16, 2016

Morons on The Train

Little Casey was walking with me today.

I heard you went past the Nigger hotel?

I told him that I didn't use such language.

I thought you were Casey.

Only on stage.

Little Casey continued. Have you shot anyone yet? How are you going to shoot someone when you haven't even bought a gun?

I said nothing.

I guess you think the American public is so dumb that by the time you make it to your reunion this country will still allow you to buy a handgun right before the event.

Like those morons on the train today.

I shot him a glance. You were there?

I am always there. One of those old lady morons was talking about how she hardly ever watched the news. Said there was something about Isis on the news and she thinks it had to do with Orlando.

I nodded.

The old bag said that Trump was going to win the election because folks like her were scared and that if Trump didn't win, they would ask Obama to extend his term for the good of the country.

I said nothing for a block on my 5 mile hike to the library. I had to add one thing as I ducked into the towering bastion of books.

You are right about one thing.

What's that.

We are a country of morons. And I don't think it will be any different in 2018.

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