Saturday, June 25, 2016

60th Reunion

I took the train to my 60th Reunion.

Crazy people I would never have met driving my car.

That is if I still had a license to drive--which I don't.

    Never served in the military
    5 Star General

When I registered at the entrance, I was asked what was the year of my class.

I was a student in the 1955-56 year.

I see. That would be Miss Birch.

Yes. That is correct. Please tell her that I am here and would like to see her.

Oh, sir. I am afraid she's long gone.

Hmmm. Couldn't stick around for the fireworks?

A look of concern.

Sir, may we see some identification?

You mean something which dates back to when I attended kindergarten here?

No, we mean something like your driver's license.

Oh. I gave that up because of cataracts.I took the train over here today.

             never served in the military
             5 star general

If I can't see Miss Birch, can I speak to Mr. Wagner? I believe he was our principal.

People around me were becoming very uneasy.

What would you want to speak to Mr. Wagner about?



Yes, I would like him to explain how a school system had no idea that a Latin revolution was about to take place and that the whole world was going to be speaking Spanish--the whole world--except us!
I am thinking of filing a lawsuit.

Sir, will you wait here for a moment?

I figured they were going to get Mr. Wagner.

Instead, it was the FBI.

        Never served in the military
              5 Star General

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