Thursday, May 19, 2016

Work With The Craziest Man in San Diego!

66 years old--entrepreneur--actor--writer--CPA---teacher--pirate--pawn---and a king! Are you following along yet? This is an opportunity to work in show business--see my Casey at the Bat gig as it appeared on Fox Television- My online advice business attracts 100 letters a day from people worldwide who ask for my opinion on everything from getting a job to visualization techniques--to losing weight--to becoming an entrepreneurs even falling in love! Yes girls I am single but I am only one man! I will even teach you how you can join me in this lucrative online business. Follow my writing by perusing Gift To My Dad (Amazon) or on my blog at One day you will be booking me for a gig at New York Yankees adult fantasy camp and the next day helping me answer letters from someone who has been looking for a job for over a year and needs my personal twist! You will need solid social media talent--you can find me on Facebook and Twitter @stevetarde Send me an email in 100 words or less why you think this gig has your name all over it and why you think it would be fun to work with a crazy man. Bookmark my 10 year blog

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