Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Lim Chiropractic

I am 66 years old and if there is a stage, I am usually the one performing. See my Casey at the Bat on Fox TV at But last night I went to see Dr. Hoon Lim deliver a health benefits workshop and man this boy is good! If I wasn't so healthy. I might even have to take up chiropractic. So what dragged me out to see a lecture I had managed to miss for 66 plus years? Alzheimer's. I want to find a cure for this killer disease in my lifetime. To my dismay, Alzheimer's was perhaps the one disease that Dr. Lim failed to address in his scintillating 90 minutes. I will follow up with him on email and gather his thoughts so come back to this post. I think I know his answer. There is a belief growing in this country and first put forward by the chiropractic community as theorized by Dr. Michael Flanagan that spinal stenosis can be directly linked to Alzheimer's. Sure, I am interested in such a study but this I know for fact and I am going to aggressively market every chiropractor in this country who supports me here. Walking is great for the brain. The healthier our brain--the healthier our bodies. The healthier our body the greater our chances we won't become victims of this killer disease which threatens 75 million Baby Boomers of which I am a charter member. Dr. Lim is a visionary. His practice is in Escondido and Kearny Mesa. patients from long distance have sought out his expertise. His office motto? Live happy and die healthy! If you want to connect with a health professional who will be a positive force for the rest of your life and be your active partner in helping you to live longer--I strongly suggest you contact Dr. Lim! Today! If you want to join me in declaring war on Alzheimer's [please contact me here. And tomorrow when you wake up---start walking! Steve writes about entrepreneurs making a difference in America. Write him at if you would like him to write about you.

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