Thursday, May 12, 2016

The 400 Pound Elephant in the Room

John is not going to like seeing elephant and know I am referring to him. Fact is I had to think twice before I used that title. OK I thought twice! Works for me! Sorry John. No last names, remember? Fact is John is obese, morbidly obese and he knows it. You can say he came to me to save his life. I made him a wager. I help him lose 50 pounds by New Year's Eve and he springs for a $100 steak dinner. Did I mention I love steak? I will be reviewing Greystone Steakhouse in san Diego this weekend so BOOKMARK me now! Back to John. Casey at the Bat Walk America is on a mission to help Americans lose weight through walking. All of my stage performances allude to my obsession in getting people to walk a mile a day with me. I am 66 years old at my perfect weight and can put in a 20 hour day without an energy fail. Can you say that? You will if you join me. I can even set you up in your own business where you will be making money with me in 30 days. But I need to hear from you soon before someone in your town takes your place. John is my man on Long Island. I will be trying to set up a huge business for him! Not as huge as his waist line. Sorry, no more fat jokes. I walk 10 miles a day but you and I will start slow. You will even have a website to track your progress. How cool is that? Want to join with a bunch of friends. Send them to me! And check back soon to this post to watch John in his quest to make 50 pounds disappear. His confidence as of today, May 12? Dubious at best. I will change that. Did I tell you I am the most interesting man in the world.? Haven't you seen me yet on TV? To be continued BOOKMARK me NOW!

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