Sunday, April 10, 2016

We Become Casey At The Bat Foundation Today

With a tip of the cap to my 127 year old alter ego, our worldwide mentoring group, known as Visualizers for many years will become permanently identified with the character who has most influenced my life on and off the baseball field. Casey of Mudville. Steve of Melville carries on his legacy today. Our new directors should know our 2016 goals by now: Shine a light on the Homeless tragedy in America Feed Seniors who can afford housing but not hot meals. Spread the power of mentoring by teaching mentoring skills worldwide with our social media growth! All members as of today have a vested interest in our cause. Yes, I love you for believing in my work, but I will really love you if you can attract ten new members. That is part of your financial incentive. However, the money has nothing to do with our goal. It is simply an incentive to look forward to monthly. I want to leave a legacy to my son and daughter, my grandkids and someday, maybe, my great grandchildren. This is where we all are in this together. I have identified mentoring as a life changing skill. This is true for the mentor and their student. I read today online that a well known football star is gunned down because he engaged his driver in a verbal altercation. If he had visualized his actions beforehand, would he have simply refused to engage. What is your opinion? Whether I am performing Casey as I have since I was 15 years old or doing standup or entertaining seniors with song, I am at heart a teacher. I am a mentor. And I thank you for taking this journey with me. We are building an extraordinary team! Remember that you cannot truly know a person without being aware of their story. I hope you spread that power. Follow me on Facebook, Twitter and right here. This is my passion 20 hours a day. I hope to make it yours.

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