Thursday, March 17, 2016

I Love Teddy!

His name is Teddy A. Jones! Remember that name! You will be hearing again! He is from Jamaica and we have never met, but how can you not love this guy. He wants to study mentoring with me. He was brought up by those who showed him the right way to act. He is destined for greatness. When I am on Sharktank later this year, I might ask Teddy to travel with me. I think it would be wise of me to have a man of God on my side when I go against the likes of billionaire Mark Cuban Cuban will be bidding for my new phone apps which will forever change the way people look for employment. I will keep you posted. If you want to discuss backing me in this life changing project feel free to text me. If all of my students were as easy and generous as Teddy, life sure would be sweet. But being sweet is not what life is all about. You must accept the sour. It's how you deal with the sour which will shape your character. Anyone can deal with the sweet. Just look at Leo I mean come on!

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