Saturday, March 19, 2016

Forget About It!

I am going to break your ribs! You do know I am from the Bronx, don't you? So when I talk Ribs, I might be talking about busting them or eating them. I have dined 100 times at a little shack in San Diego and now its time to tell my readers about my findings. Why you should go? The cashier is drop dead gorgeous! Young enough to be my daughter. My own 23 year old daughter calls my womanizing creepy, but leave her out of it. You want me to break your ribs? Forget about it! The founder of this small chain of chicken/rib joints calls himself a foodie entrepreneur and says the idea goes back to 2007. The idea might go back 9 years, but my CPA's eyes and ears tell me that he might be mere months from bankruptcy. The food? It's amazing! Forget the beautiful girl! Well, don't forget about her but she's off subject. The ribs? The chicken? The apple cole slaw? Yum, yum and yum!! Rib joints at $100 per person can't touch this place. I know. When I am a rich man, I hit those joints too. So why are they going down the tubes? Mismanagement, They don't know what the hell they are doing. I spoke with the foodie entrepreneur owner some months back and told him I was a CPA and founded a worldwide mentoring organization. I might have even mentioned that I had a stint as a marketing professor. He smiled and maybe he was distracted as I am by the beautiful girl moving within a few feet of us. What? Are you obsessed with this woman? How long do I have to answer that question? Forget about it! I'm tawking here! First they changed the size of the serving boxes. The new ones are clumsy and difficult to close. They changed prices faster than Vegas odds. They dropped popular items. They overhauled the entire menu. They changed their hours without warning. And how many customers did they consult with before making these copious changes. That would be zero! This company has no idea who there customers are and they operate as they could care less. That's part of the problem. The food? To die for! But unless you get there soon or the owner has a brain transplant and asks me or any of his customers (I spoke with Jake a few days ago and he is a loyal customer who is in the dark with the rest of us), I have a feeling New York Buffalo Wings and Ribs (too long a name in my opinion) will soon be found in the trunk of an abandoned late model Caddy, never to be heard from again. Of course, I could be wrong. Go there right now if you live in paradise like I do. Save these foodies from destroying themselves. I love the place! I really do! Where will I go to eat after the place is shuttered? What will happen to my romantic novel with the girl who was discovered serving ribs and like Lana Turner went on to become a screen idol? Forget about it! Do me a solid. Google New York Buffalo Wings and Ribs San Diego. There are several locations. At least as of this writing.

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