Wednesday, October 14, 2015

I Teach Confidence!

I taught my first student in the South Bronx in 1972. I hit the motivational circuit in the 80's with a book called Fire Your Boss and Hire Yourself which predicted the MLM gold rush and a new coming of the entrepreneurial age. I believe that spreading the power of confidence and sound decision making is the future of America! There are two ways to benefit our movement. One is helping me personally to teach confidence. I teach confidence to athletes, entrepreneurs, students, coaches, homemakers, politicians and anyone I have missed on this list. The second way is to use your social media skills to advance the movement of teaching confidence and getting paid for your results. A version of my confidence teaching is shown in my classic visualization memoir Gift to My Dad available from Amazon. Do you want to make extra money without the concerns of a boss, an office, a deadline? I have been helping students make money at home for decades. I will respond personally to every well worded email which includes a valid email address and phone contact. Connect with Steve on Facebook and Twitter His performance comedy Casey at the Bat can be seen on Youtube as first shown on Fox TV His 10 year blog is at Steve has had 50 years in the sports game, has been a sports psychologist in MLB, NFL, NBA, NCAA, NHL and PGA.

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