Thursday, October 08, 2015

Can You Write For Me?

Are you an amazing writer? Pardon moi, if I am dubious. You see I have been a pauper, a pirate, a poet---No, wait a minute that is Frank's song! I am a CPA, an actor, a comedian, a writer and perhaps you have seen me on TV on Fox Sports. Catch it now if you like at You see, as my blog suggests, after 50 years of performances, I claim the title to the oldest living Casey at the Bat! So what the hell does this all have to do with you? I am not looking for a haystack of writers. I am looking for a diamond. Which brings me back to the original premise. Are you an amazing writer? Groups hire me to perform my unique comedy as Casey as you can see on TV with the San Diego Padres. New writers hire me to mentor them to write a book. Average speakers hire me to mentor them to be great! High school students hire me to mentor them to get into Harvard! And what will you do. You will use your Social Media skills to open these doors for me by attracting those who will hire me when they learn what I do. Compensation? I will treat you as a partner. I pay well for brilliance and pay zero for bull. So now that we understand each other, blow me away with your best email and let's see where this conversation goes.

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