Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Dear Visionary Thinker

Dear Visionary Thinker As you know, I have been teaching Future Thinking to Visionary Minds for the past 50 years. Now, we become a non-profit 501 C organization with the following purpose. To teach how to think 5 minutes, 5 days, 5 years and more into the future. Can it be done? I have proven time and time again. We have talked about my work with sports teams including the Yankees, NBA Suns, Lakers and hockey San Diego Gulls. In business, consider that Apple VP Eddy Cue, who created the Apple store, studied future thinking in my class as a 15 year old. What will you do? Everyone who wants to build VM into something big is someone who will get a great deal of my time. I have been quoted as saying that future thinking can go a long way to solving the race problem in America. My critics will say hyperbole! What? Future thinking? I have lived through MLK, and the riots in Liberty City in Miami, where I was teaching at the time. I studied race relations from the greatest African American professors of their time when I was at Hofstra. Those who are visionaries don't participate in race riots. They are too smart. Want to be smarter? Advance the power of future thinking with us by joining Visionary Thinkers today! Raising funds, building a world conference and recruiting worldwide membership and media focus is what will be in your future. You just might change the world for many and at the same time writing your legacy. Steve 619-807-8827

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