Friday, June 12, 2015

Million Dollar Memoir

When I was in my 20's getting an MBA and CPA from Adephi, a combo today that would run north of 100K, I was setting college records at the time (76-77) in getting a double degree without a single intermediate or above accounting course. My first BA was in History/Education. I asked one question in that graduate program, over and over again. How can I get rich from all this rubbish I am digesting? After all, why the hell was I in grad school? Why had I given up a solid, if not exciting career in education with a stable employer (New York City Board of Education)? Still, not a single professor would answer my question. Why? They didn't have the damn answer! Guess what? I do! If you follow this blog for the next week or so and connect with my personal email as instructed, you will have that answer as well. Congratulations for following my Blog. It is one of the longest running Blogs online and dates back a decade. Bookmark it. It will serve you well--starting today. To register for Million Dollar Memoir---drop me an email at:

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