Saturday, May 23, 2015

Whitman Alumni Nine

The outlook wasn't brilliant for the Whitman Alumni that day
100 VIP's in maroon and white screaming LET'S GO TO THE PLAY!
And when Steve/Casey streaked out onto the stage
Wildcat fans went wild in a frenetic riotous rage.
Oh somewhere in this joyous land, the Wildcats will remember long this night
And some will yell BALTIMORE just before a vicious fight.
And somewhere bands are playing
And somewhere children shout
chanted the Order of the Gout.
but Stevie morphed into Casey and the play turned into a rout!
But you will be very unhappy if you haven't visited paypal as you were told
this part of the poem is getting very old.
After this weekend, I don't invite Wildcats alone
and you can pout and growl and throw a bone.
I am able to wring my hands and do my own inimitable pout.
if you don't buy event--I open to my NY friends
one way or another this week A NIGHT WITH THE GREAT CASEY sells out!

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