Saturday, May 23, 2015

10 Books

As a performer, my communication with the audience is a vital time on stage.

I first began stage acting when I was 17, We had a theaterbuilt into our little school in Huntington and we loved its intimacy and the plays and musicals we performed for our relatives and friends.
Junior year it was The James Dean smash Rebel Without a Cause.

That was followed by Charley's Aunt, my senior year, a very funny play involving a man dressing up as a woman to create an illusion, ahead of its time for sure in 1968.

Supposing I did a top 10 list for a motivational education Steve Tarde style--it might read something like this--

1. Psycho Cybernetics---Maxwell Maltz is the father of visualization--20 years ago, with 3 college degrees in the bank and a newly minted CPA, I took my family to live in Scottsdale,Arizona. It was December 1993--the Suns were making a championship run with Charles Barkley and we began a 2 year residence in the Valley and the plan was soon that I was not there to find a job--I was there to learn this amazing world of visualization.

2. I was camping out these days at the new library in gleaming Scottsdale. It would be a year long home for me , if it didn't tuen intoa  toaster-oven for 7 months a year. Shakti Gawain took over as professor from Maltz and her musings on Creative Visualization was opening a new chapter to my developing mind.

3.Directing the Motion Pictures of Your Mind/Bry--I was making movies in my mind and now I was coming across writers who were using these expressions in books hey wrote. I had entered some very heady air. Books had always been my oxygen and the breathing now was never any better than this

4. My sports connections reached out to this movie of the minds thinking. I discovered the works of Professor Steven Ungerleider ho wrote about the mental game of athletic success and his experiences and observations. This visualization started as a subject to immerse--I could see early on how much more it was.

5. It was time to write my own book and I chose a unique memoir format. The result was GIFT TO MY DAD, The first working title was The Leader Inside me. GIFT is available through Amazon.

 I was moving through another Bachelor's on my way to a Master's. Reading is a lifetime pursuit. Your education only begins with the first book you read. It will never end.

6. I discovered Malcolm Gladwell. His writing on the Tipping Point was genius. It made so much sense and it was so applicable to the many elements of your life. Are you close to Tipping Point in any of your life's activities?

7. When you are matriculating through a making movies in your mind/visualization, you add layers. You study visualization and you gt the connection with the fact that you have become the director of any thought. You realize that if directing the movies of your mind works for academics, it will also work for sports and weight management. You read that this is similar to auto suggestion and that attracts a dozen more books

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