Wednesday, May 06, 2015

When Casey Goes New Yawker

I am called an in your face New Yawker and I am very proud of it. 

I teach confidence and often tell people if they timidly tell me that they personally have little confidencethat I have enough for both of us.

Which leads me to this week when I was strolling in downtown San Diego, a place you know, if you are a regular reader, is a place close to my hear for over 30 years.

A group of kids most under 10 were heading to the Balboa Theater in Horton Plaza to see a performance on stage and they were jazzed.

I asked one of them what they were going to see.

"A play!"

Did your teacher tell you much about it.

"It is going to take place on a stage!"

Are you excited?

"It is the best day in my life!!!!!"

So when I returned to the keyboard I had to draft an email.

San Diego in the past few years constructed an extraordinary library in downtown near the ballpark. It is a treasure. The previous library smelled like a homeless shelter and dated back to a 1954 construction.

As beautiful as San Diego is, our city planners are a little on the challenged side. See progress on keeping our San Diego Chargers in town and not moving to Los Angeles.

Seeing those kids that morning reminded me that I wasn't on stage enough just for kids. So I emailed the person in charge and drafted an email sharing my acting and TV work and included the link to my Casey performance on San Diego Padres TV for Fox Sports filmed during the ASG break in 2014.

In less than a week, I had her reply:

Not interested, thanks.

Normally, I could care less and life goes on.

Control what you can control and let the rest slide.

But that Casey in me couldn't let it go.

Kids were in my blood.

They were part of my first audience when I began in the New York City Board of Ed in the 1970's and when I was featured at a private school in Miami in the late 70's and early 80's.

So Casey's big hands knocked me from my keyboard perch and this was the result.

If you look at abrasive replies, you would see something like this.

Are you confident enough to write something like this?

A word to the wise.

Don't mess with Casey.

Dear Library Keeper

Are you nuts?

You haven't even taken the time to see my 10 minute TV Video done with Fox sports and you think I don't know that.

Guess what? This isn't over.

Kids love my Casey at the Bat and I was willing to do it without my large fee and you treat me like an amateur?

I hope you get along well with the Director because when you get back from vacation Mondsy, guess what she will want to talk about?

Or you could do this.

Go to You Tube--Steve Tarde Casey at the Bat and watch my 10 minute video done for the San Diego Padres and Fox Sports San Diego.

Then go back to your desk and send me another email.

This one will be your apology.

And I will consider it.

Have a good rest of your vacation

Steve "Casey at the Bat"

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