Tuesday, May 05, 2015

The Mick

There is a cool group on Facebook that I actually joined.

It is called The Dugout and it is all baseball all the time.

At the time of this writing it includes 8,000 plus baseball fanatics and I kinda like it.

Give me a couple of weeks to change my mind.

So, I posted this in the Dugout and as is the case with most of my posts, I was impressed with the volume of responses.

That's what makes it a great group. Everyone is there because the love baseball and truly want to be here.

My post went something like this.

"If you were given the right to spend time with Mickey Mantle in the Yankee dugout, what would you be willing to pay?"

Some of the answers were classic.

"My life savings."

He was a god."

I would trade in my spouse just to get his autograph."

I met Mickey in 1985.

I found out all I needed to know when he said.

Can I ask you something?

Even though he was my hero, I had been hired by the yankees to do Casey and wasn't blown away by baseball players, even if they were Mickey Mantle and my childhood hero.

Mickey sighed and went on.

"grown me come up to me and tell me, many crying at the time, that I have been the most important person in their life since they were six years old. My question to you is why?"

And that is all you need to know about Mickey Mantle.

He never got it.

Eight years later he was gone.

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