Monday, May 04, 2015

Casey, Inc.

Casey has grown up over the years.

Born on June 3, 1888, the bouncing baby of writer Finn, who cloaked his true identity of one Ernest Lawrence Thayer, Casey weighed in north of 200 pounds with a handlebar mustache.

Playing for the mythical team of Mudville, Casey manages to reach home plate with runners perched at Second and Third, the proverbial ting runs as Casey came to bat.

Of course, I explain the circumstances vividly in the most famous baseball poem in history and you can still catch on You Tube from Fox Sports San Diego. Go to You Tube and in the Search bar, insert Steve Tarde Casey at the Bat.

Now, every kid in grade school and beyond knows that Casey bat never left his shoulders as he took two meatballs for strikes and then struck out on a high hard one.

"And now the pitcher has the ball and now he lets it go.
And now the air is shattered by the force of Casey's blow."

After that Mudville letdown, Casey seemed to drop out of sight. There were reports of sightings of him playing in other cities with other teams, but no one could verify.

There even was a story from a well known sports writer about Casey getting married and living a reclusive life with his new bride.

To my knowledge, none of these canards held any credence.

Face it, Casey is still active and entertaining audiences across the USA.

It's a fun business and Casey has been reaching out latelt for Casey partners. These partners must love baseball and will work with me closely expanding the brand based on my 50 years playing this character.

When I shared with Casey the fact taht I am working to bring new teammates into the fold, he looked at me, twirled his now famous 127 year old mustache and said, very much like Elvis:

"thank you very much."

Contact Steve Tarde through Facebook for the most unique business opportunity in the baseball world.

And come back to my Baseball and Life blog soon!

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