Sunday, May 31, 2015

How to Get Your Child Accepted at Harvard

My students have landed at the best schools an America.

In 1978, while a CPA in Coral Gables, I as recruited by an educational pioneer in South Florida to be one of the advisor/professors at what was fast becoming the most popular private high school in the world.

I was not yet 30 and just beginning to make my reputation in the field of motivational speaking. I would go on to spend the next five years working with this genius. In the Mariel, Cuba days, a dark, but meaningful period in our history with Cuba and our challenge to find homes for many of Cuba's worst who were dumped by Castro in our waters, as if he were unloading trash in our neighborhood in the middle of the night.

Movies (among them Scarface) have been made about Mariel Harbor. Many Cubans seeking a new chance at life in America, showed up at holding cells and could say only one word in English. DEERBORNE, They were told by repeating that one word would change their life and they were not wrong .

The course I taught at that little Miami school became a big deal. It became known as THINK LIKE A HARVARD BILLIONAIRE. In fact only one known billionaire was in my class. Still you night have heard of him. Google him. The company he runs is called Apple Computer and his roots are in Miami.


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