Saturday, May 30, 2015

Casey in Love?

Casey had his first busy day of the baseball season.

Casey will be 127 on Wednesday--He wills trat the day in San Diego getting an elegant shave as only a rich ballplayer can demand.

The venue is Floyds on market Street and a stolen look at the appointment list--indicates the great Casey is scheduled to go under the knife at 10AM.

And still the rumors persist---Casey and a 21 year old beauty who goes by Tifanny> Caseymight have mailed a pre -nuptial to his NJ attorney today in NYC.

This lawyer is in Roseville and might go by the name Blake.

If you are a Casey fan, you might want to ding his blog and add $10 for the season donation. Casey is the most famous ball player alive and only here can you read about his comings and goings all season long,

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