Friday, April 24, 2015

Masterminds 2015 Official Rules

Thousands share the message of Masterminds.

Consider this your invitation to join us.

I am the founder.

As a CPA, I became the youngest CPA on record to ever retire from practice at the age of 30.

I then moved to my dream city of San Diego and created Masterminds.

These are our 2015 rules.

Our Facebook group is at Masterminds Created by Steve Tarde on Facebook.

To be included in the group activities, you need to be part of our Masterminds group.

.There is no fee to join Masterminds. However, most agree to an entry fee from $100 to $1,000 to join in our activities to support our work and position themselves for a lifetime of commissions which are accrued from inviting new members to join us. For example, if you pay $100 as your entry fee, your rate is locked in at 5% of entry fees you generate. If you pay $1,000 (at one time our top fee was $15,000, but we have held steady at $1,000 for some time now), your share is 50%. Entry fees which fall between $100 and $1,000, are computed accordingly.

.A reminder your acceptance has come without a concern for a cash contribution. You have been invited on the basis of your merit and not your bank account. However, our members enjoy cash incentives and this is an incentive to share in our future success. Our success now approaches 35 years. Once you decide on your entry fee (within 24 hours of invitation), you choose an amount and make that payment via paypal to
You don't need a paypal account to lock in your percentage. However, you will need one to share in your commissions and we are confident that you will be aggressive in this activity.

4. One final thought about sharing funds. Only on January 1 of each future year of your membership in good standing will you be allowed to increase your share for future profits. That is why it is strongly suggested to lock in the highest share possible upon accepting your invitation to Masterminds.

5. Masterminds loves doing special things for special people. Whether it is generating interest in the community to mentor kids or raise money for someone who is facing a life threatening crisis, we choose events which will take advantage of our mass Social Media influence.

6. You might wonder why you were selected. That is not an easy question and has multiple answers. You might offer something to the group that we wish to explore. I will  have had you checked out as to your Social Media activity and only those with a track record of established contacts will be considered.

7. What will you be asked to do as  a Mastermind? No heavy lifting. Masterminds are encouraged to read this blog daily as information will be available day to day. Additional information will be available on my Social Media Facebook/Twitter pages. You will have email access to me personally and we can arrange a phone conference as needed. There are no required meetings and events will be well publicized in this Masterminds diary.

8. What is the purpose of Masterminds? Well, we have discussed some of the philanthropic activities. But the reason I founded Masterminds was to honor my need to do what I love and not live a life of quiet desperation. We want to make sure that this same formula works for you. Are you living the life you have always dreamed of? How can our members help? What do you see in this diary which interests you and is something you would want to pursue? At Masterminds, we open a continuous dialog destined to help you live your best life.

9. And the story continues.

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