Saturday, January 03, 2015

The Internet

When I came home, I was greeted by a new computer which now dominated my tiny living space.

I rented a room from a woman who owned a flood of flophouses. Since I had been retired from the age of 30, poverty was the norm. I had never cottoned to the computer age. When I was in B School, computers were mysterious and housed in large rooms which spit out cards and the whole deal was run with a technological language which escaped me. I speak English and all other languages are a  waster of my personal time. Know thyself.

I could have been a moron to operate this system. The machine ran itself. A message appeared.

Dear Steve:

Your mission is to eliminate the woman who is the hostess/owner of the Jewish Deli. Her name is Deborah. You need not bother yourself with the reasons. 

You will establish your alibi by performing at a Houston Astros fan rally in Irving, Texas.Whenever we have an update we will send it to you via this machine or your new phone which is under your pillow. You have now become a government operative. Any disclosure of this information will result in your untimely end.

What lengths had I gone to become a millionaire? Murder? It seemed like someone thought I was the perfect dupe to carry out these crimes while pretending to entertain others miles away. How was I expected to eliminate someone? Would further instructions be on the way? What f I didn't want to go to Texas? How was I expected to travel? Suddenly, my life had gone from simple to complicated. I waited for something to be added to the computer message. Instead, after a minute or so, it went blank..

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