Sunday, August 10, 2014

45 Games Left and Don't you Know?

The Yankees limp into Baltimore Monday night with their season gasping for oxygen.

This isn't a Yankee team with star power that can turn these final 7 weeks into a post season, even with the extra wild card added this season.

No, this is an old team. A team with Jeter hitting ground balls, Beltran, limited to DH duties, a third baseman suspended for the season and multiple pitchers on the DL.

This team will go home in October and most likely the Yankees will begin the overhaul directly after and make changes, starting with the GM.

Is there one mistake that the team made which led to their downfall?

I can't say that, because injuries to pitchers and position players is a crapshoot.

I will say this. I criticized the Yanks for not signing Robinson Cano. It was a move which made no sense for the team and to me, little sense for the player.

Now, it seems that Cano will have the last laugh.

He is closer with his Mariners to the playoffs and the Yankees are closer to the golf course full time.

There seems only a few issues the Yanks have to clear up.

There destiny for this season seems to be written on the wall.

Will Derek play his final game at Yankee Stadium instead of in the final series at Fenway on the final weekend of the season.

Here is the saddest thing.

By then, it might be a moot question.

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