Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Story of my Life---2015 Edition

What is the favorite story of your life?

Can you submit it in less than 500 words?

Here are a few of mine.

April 4, 1968 when MLK was shot and we were hustled home from our baseball game because of riots throughout the nation.

How about the time when I met someone on the beach and married her in less than three weeks?

Or there was the time when I vacationed in Miami Beach for the very first time and became best friends with the best basketball player in America.

Or the time I ran off to a week at Club Med and forgot to pack my underwear.

Perhaps I can write about the time I ratted on a classmate and accused him or bending the silverware in the cafeteria, only to have the teacher I confided in, break my confidence and rat me out instead.

Maybe I will write all those stories.

And include some of the best ones I receive.

And we will share a unique formula to profit from the sale of our combined work.

How does that all sound to you?

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