Tuesday, July 01, 2014

How Do You Start Writing About Your Life?

You start with a story.

So many of my women coaches amaze me with their observations and their own personal memories of life.

Not surprisingly, several of my lady team coaches have a particular talent of generating the best stories from our women student writers all over the world.

I coach athletes, executives and students to excel, but I often get a run for my money by my women coaches.

Just tonight, I was chatting with a future coach who happened to date me over four decades ago.

When I referred to our rendezvous, she quipped.

"And you had that big old car, like a boat!"

And I wondered.

How could she possible remember the car. It was a boat. A 1956 Oldsmobile 88 sedan.

She floored me with her memory for detail and for her uncanny abi9lity to allow someone else to tell the story.

Before our conversation ended two hours later, I realized I had another coach on my team---and she is going to be a good one!

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