Friday, December 06, 2013

Confidence is Power

Dear Steve I understand you are associated with confidence teaching and the spread of confidence. How can I get involved in this? It has my name all over it. Excited Dear Excited: These are the letters I receive seven days a week and if you share this passion of mine, it will soon become a major part of your life as well. Students, athletes, entrepreneurs and others began asking me to teach them confidence decades ago. It has evolved to a point where I am now teaching the grand-kids of those first students. There is one requirement above all for joining me in my unique business. Loyalty. I can smell it a million miles away. If you want to partner with me in my passion of spreading the power of confidence, send me a simple email about yourself. Your initial investment gives you the opportunity to interview other candidates with me and profit from their participation. As you might imagine, I can hardly keep up with the communication and I work at my own pace. If you want to work with me, I need to know you are special. All other missives are ignored. Steve

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