Friday, September 06, 2013

Silva Method

Sometimes I get letters asking if my teaching methods are similar to the Silva Method or others on the market. After 40 years of teaching my work in the classroom and for the past 25 privately, I would like to think mine are personal. Surely, I have been influenced by others, but for example, my work in vocabulary is unmatched by anything I have ever read about and I read voraciously. I took a look at this guy Silva to see if we might have something in common and what I come away with is why so many unscientific types like Silva, would venture into subjects trying to explain their methods using science they really don’t understand. I have never passed my conclusions or my thinking off as science. It is simply what has worked for me over the course of a lifetime and what has worked for my students. I can give you a better vocabulary, make you a better athlete, writer, cure your migraines, help you program your future. I can do all that without having to invest a single sentence in explaining whether you are a right brain or left brain thinker. The fact is I could care less. I am too busy helping others to live their life not dissect it in a lab.

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