Monday, August 19, 2013

Melissa Mom

If I had written about Melissa in 1982 in the original Fire Your Boss and Hire Yourself I would have called her Melissa Mom. She writes about her kids daily and is proud of their accomplishments and that she is sharing this precious time in their lives with them. She writes this: I have one very excited girl who got the teacher she wanted and one boy almost in tears because he didn't get either teacher he wanted. Wondering what the point was in even putting in a teacher request..... Melissa is an entrepreneur who can and has made a decent income at the corporate level. But it would cut deeply in her veins if she had to make that choice. So she maintains her entrepreneurial odyssey by rallying other moms to follow her lead and stay home with her, raise their kids and engage in a business which will provide them with the gifts they need to pursue their lifestyle. One more thing about Melissa. I like her. I like her a lot. And yes, that is equally important to me in my first class recommendation that you deal with her.

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