Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Obama Has a Plan and You Don't!

Schools across America open next week as they do in San Diego as more schools convert to a full year schedule. In the history of public school calendars, this is revolutionary. Unfortunately, it doesn’t translate to performance. Public school e3ducation is so unimpressive that President Obama enrolled his daughters in the prestigious and very private Sidwell Friends School which is the Yale for the elite. And what about your child? What? You were expecting something special? It was over 40 years ago that I first maneuvered past dead dogs in the streets for the “privilege” of my first teaching classroom in the South Bronx. You want to get your kid into the fabled 1% in America, get involved starting today and secure the commitment of your child. It will be a journey. When President Obama took that same journey, he was already building his personal vocabulary with words like Columbia and Harvard Law (Ivy League colleges he later attended). Maybe it was because of the horror of Sandy Hook last December that I started getting unsettling questions from those who attended my lectures. One parent raised a howl when she asked me what right Obama had to send his daughters to a school where armed guards protect the students and yet Sandy Hook had none. What right did he have? Are you still asleep? President Obama is doing what any good father in the 1% would surely do if he had the means. And so would you. Mr. Obama and his wife have a plan for Sasha and Malia. They just do not choose to share it with you Are you ready to take a stand? Follow me and we will do it together. Steve Tarde is in his 42nd year as an educational advocate for kids. He spent a decade in the classroom and is the youngest CPA to ever retire from private practice (age 32) before going back to his love, fighting for the rights of kids. Steve has degrees from Hofstra and Adelphi. In 2008, Steve created a Hall of fame at his high school to honor di9stinguished alumni and motivate stars of the future. Steve wrote I Am Casey at the Bat based on the classic 1888 poem and performs this stage play for charities and churches as a fundraiser. He wrote the motivational classic Gift To My Dad (Amazon) in 2009. Contact him at

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