Friday, May 10, 2013

Beauty Parlor Horror

You are in a beauty shop with your family. Don’t ask me what you are doing there because I couldn’t begin to tell you. It’s late at the location, set in a strip mall and a lady enters who is obviously not a patron and in distress. She is followed by a man who is pursuing her. The man has a gun. One of the employees tries to lock the door. The intruder breaks the glass and grabs her had which is trying to turn the keys to a deadbolt lock. He is successful and enters the beauty parlor with his gun drawn. Now everyone at the business is in peril. You notice a side door where you can make your getaway. In a moment, you could be outside and life-saving freedom. There is one problem. Your family is still in the Laundromat and you have no way to connect with them at this point in time. So here is the question. Do you run for your life and try to get help or do you stay with your family and take your chances?

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