Friday, May 10, 2013


To begin to attract what you want from life, you need to focus on what you want. And then you make movies in your mind to immerse your brain with positive images. Consider this. You want to lose 50 pounds because you can’t stand the way you appear to others. You have tried everything, every diet, every shake, every fad. What if you were to program your mind showing yourself in a movie, living life where the pounds just melt off? In your movie, shown in the theater of your mind, several times a day, you are walking. At first, around the block. Then, one mile a day. Then, 2 miles per day. You become more selective in the foods you choose to eat. You see this in your movie, again and again. Do you think this way of thinking, this new way of framing your mind, can change your life? If you were to embrace it, could you change the lives of others?

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