Monday, March 04, 2013

Casey on The Stand

The outlook wasn’t brilliant for the Casey Anthony team this day The score looked like conviction With just a few witnesses to play And so when Cindy Anthony ratted out her kid And old man George did the same. A sickly silence fell upon the patrons of the game A straggling few got up to go in deep despair But some waited for Casey. If only Casey could have her say. Casey was sure to save the day! And then to the wonderment of all, Jose Baez pulled a rabbit from his hat. And sure enough, it was Casey coming to the bat. Dozens of eyes were on her as she sat down in the witness chair. Male viewers nationwide with fluttering hearts as she threw back her auburn hair. And while many in the gallery were so enamored, they wanted to give her a hand, No stranger to the trial of the decade could doubt it was Casey on the stand. And while the DA got set for cross, he zeroed in on a lie. Did Casey say she worked at Universal and if so, why? Close by the comely beauty, the DA tried to get into her head. Casey just stared at him. “Objection!” Her barrister said. From the gallery filled with people, There rose a muffled roar. Like the wailing of an animal. Attacked by a raging boar. “Kill him! Kill the DA!” Shouted someone near the stand And it was likely they would have killed him If the judge had not raised his hand. With a smile of judicial charity, he stopped the rising tumult. He bade the trial go on. He signaled to the DA and another question flew. But Casey still stonewalled him and instead said “Screw You!” “Fraud!” cried the maddened courtroom and the echoed answered “Fraud!” But one startled look from Casey and the audience was awed They saw her face redden and saw her muscles strain And they knew that Casey wouldn’t answer any question again. The sneer is gone from Casey’s lip Her teeth are clenched with hate And with a new determination She and the audience can only wait Oh somewhere in this joyous land the sun is shining bright And somewhere bands are playing And somewhere children shout But there is no joy at the office of the Orlando DA Casey Anthony is out!

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