Friday, February 22, 2013

Fridays are like Thursdays or Maybe Monday

Fridays are no different to me than any of the other seven days in the week. As I write this in my writing study, it is 3:37 AM in San Diego, California and in a couple of hours I will begin a daily 5 hour hike which keeps my 63 year old body in the best shape it can be on my terms. I am a writer. Many people who are attracted to this blog are writers as well. If you are a writer, you don’t need anyone to explain the need you have to write, to have unbounded time to express your ideas and not feel that you have to do something else to pay the bills. That is why I help develop young people’s talent, publish their stories, give them advice, help them build a following. Google me and my own writing. There is plenty of me online and my writing pays my bills. The blog you are reading now goes back to 2005, so sit back and enjoy! And if you want to submit a story in my next book, THE WRITERS, which will come out later this year, you should know that there is an entry fee of $100. Once that fee has been paid, your story (subject to editing) will be included in my anthology and you will share royalties. It is as simple as that. Email me for more details. Have a good Friday and weekend. I know I will.

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