Thursday, February 21, 2013

Becoming one of The Writers

I write and publish stories. I make a great living doing it. I will be happy to share it with you. Regular press releases can be found on my story blog which dates back to 2005. The post that you are reading now is todays’ post on my blog. Once you respond to me via email and show me you are a player, I will communicate with personal emails. You can find out more about my writing at my blog or by perusing my current books available at Amazon. My next book is THE WRITERS and will introduce new writers worldwide. A picture of the cover of the book is added to today’s blog entry. It will include original short fiction for the most part. One of my stories will be “Cell Hell,” a story of a serial killer who uses cell phones to recruit his victims. My books make money. All participating writers are distributed monthly royalties with the opportunity to retail books for added profit. It can be very lucrative and it gets your name and your writing in front of others. This is what you need to do today to work with us. There is a one-time entry fee of $100. It is payable by Moneygram to Steve Tarde, 4991 Wyatt Place, San Diego, California 92154. There is no room for discussion about this entry fee. After 40 years, I know how to separate the serious from those who want to waste my time. I will not respond to that group in any manner. It leaves more money for the rest of us and the prospect of future collaborations. After you send the Moneygram, it is important to email or Facebook MESSAGE me the transaction number. This will secure you as one of my writers. If you have not done so by then, submit your story to me, so that we can develop a timeline leading to the publication. My work is done online. Even though I have a great lifestyle, I am online seven days a week. I love what I do. I look forward to sharing it with you. The first step is yours.

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